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Saudi Arabia's Health Ministry has confirmed 58 new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in the country since the start of August Ray Allen Jersey , data on its website shows, the highest rise in recorded infections since February.

The 10 new cases it announced late on Tuesday represented the biggest daily jump in confirmed new infections in Saudi Arabia since May 2014, a month in which 210 people were recorded contracting the disease at the height of its biggest outbreak.

MERS, first identified in 2012 and mostly found so far in Saudi Arabia despite outbreaks elsewhere Rashad Vaughn Jersey , is a SARS-like disease that causes fever and coughing in some.

Although it does not pass easily between humans, the disease has a high mortality rate, with 480 of the 1,115 people Saudi Arabia has confirmed as having caught MERS since 2012 dying from it.

Almost all the new cases of MERS confirmed over the past week have occurred in Riyadh Oscar Robertson Jersey , and included some health care workers.

King Abdulaziz Medical City, a group of hospitals owned by the Saudi Arabian National Guard, has put its emergency and outpatient departments on alert after a surge in cases there, National Guard officials were quoted saying in Arab News daily.

As the very phrase suggests O.J. Mayo Jersey , home improvement refers to the process of making change to your home to improve the way it looks. Remodelling your home can be an exciting transformation. Whether you are remodelling the inside or the outside of the home, when the project is complete you will most likely feel as if you have moved into a new home. Home improvement tasks can be performed by Professional contractors, Professional tradesmen, Handy men and if you want to cut cost and headache to call contractor then Self is the best option.
Maintaining the exterior of a home can improve the functionality and efficiency Mirza Teletovic Jersey , as well increase curb appeal. Exterior home improvement includes:
- Weathervanes Lighting Projection - Exterior Siding
- Chimneys - Foundation
- Roofing - Windows and Doors
- Driveways Pathways - Rain Removal Systems
- Entry
While many people do minor repairs and interior remodelling jobs, they often hesitate about doing exterior remodelling or renovating. There's not really a big difference between the interior and exterior of your home except for the size of the DIY jobs. But a higher risk is associated with exterior home improvement project, that is why it costs high to us. Whether you want to remodel your home's interior or exterior, if you have the time and skills Michael Beasley Jersey , you may be able to do the projects yourself. There are many DIY projects that homeowners can do themselves, including adding a deck or patio, installing new roof shingles, inspecting the roof for leaks. But all these tasks like if we inspect our home from exterior side then its costs $ 250 to $ 1000 depending upon the size of your home.

Exterior House Renovation projects don't have to be difficult Matthew Dellavedova Jersey , expensive, or time consuming. Here we will see the roofing in detail; Home improvement for roofing project includes all or any of these projects.

? Roof-Shingle Replacement
? Roofing and Solar and Alternative Energy
? Roofing and Attics
? Roofing and Cabinetry
? Landscaping, Cleaning and Curb Appeal
? Roofing, Siding and Water Flow
? Roofing Khris Middleton Jersey , Insulation and Attics
? Roofing and Insulation
? Exterior Paint, Curb Appeal and General Gardening
? Roofs and Ceilings
? Roofing and Siding
? Replacing a Shingle
? House Call: Repointing Chimney Mortar
Repairing or replacing the most common types of roofing is usually relatively easy for a professional contractor with the right equipment. There are several things to consider as a project owner with a roofing repair, re-roofing job, or roof installation. Make sure first and foremost you know what you are trying to accomplish. Do you need a complete re-roofing job? How many layers of roofing material are on your roof? Is there any underlying damage that will need to be repaired prior to the new material being applied?
If you have a leak the chances are you have some damage besides just to your roofing. Make sure whoever completes the repair does a complete investigation regarding the potential damage that has been cause by the moisture. The last thing you want to do is have to go back in and have further repairs made.
Ten things you must know before going for your roofing projects;

a. Sometimes leaks come in twos and threes
b. Bad things happen down in the valley
c. Cracks can lead to big disasters.
d. Make certain your boots fit snug.
e. Don't let ice damn your roof
f. Dry rot leads to a wet ceiling.
g. Before you climb up the roof Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jersey , check down in the gutter
h. Hose it down until it shows up
i. Bad roofs ruin good backs.
j. Let the conditions settle before you start to meddle

Although the materials have changed most modern roofs are designed with the same purpose. There is a similar inclined platform-design with overlaying shingles that move the water without any moisture coming inside. The type of materials depends on what part of the world you live in. In warmer climates clay tiles are prevalent while asphalt shingles are common in cooler, North American areas. It is proved that if living in US then Liquid Roof, Liquid Rubber mainly elastomeric coatings by many researchers. Liquid Roof is also best for your mobile home repair projects.

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